Lower Your Scores with Coaching

"I'm looking forward to another lesson with you. My first lesson has already begun to prove what lesson can do!  

I played Wednesday afternoon at MG and I PARRED the #4 (359 yds).  First time ever.

See you Sunday for my next session". - Bernice

Judy Alvarez Golf Academy Produces Results

Long-term coaching programs at the Judy Alvarez Golf Academy are the quickest way to improvement, and JAGA creates a unique one that fits your game and desires. 

"Better golf" results in lower scores and more fun.  Enhance your game and your experience. Choose to improve!

Judy Alvarez Golf Academy programs are designed to have you hitting the ball farther and more accurately, striking your irons with consistent contact and direction, pitching and chipping better around the greens and making more putts.

Breaking 85 Consistently with One on One Coaching

"Judy continues to help me with every aspect of my game.  Taking golf lessons from her is a pleasure and she improved my game, raised my confidence and lowered my handicap. 

"Thanks for a great lesson!  My driver really needed work.  I didn’t realize how important set up and posture is."

Looking to take your game to the next level?.

Single Digit Mindset

"Friday was great.  I liked how you demonstrated the physics of why to use the 8 iron. 

I liked also hearing all the “experienced ladies” marvel at what they were learning from you.  Looking forward to the December Wine Women n Wedges. Thanks Judy."

Looking for small improvements that bring BIG results?