Success Stories from JAGA

We love to see YOU succeed!

"After the lesson, I played 18 holes at Palm Cove and hit my irons well. It feels good to compress the ball. I think I hit the irons +10 yards . My drives are a lot better, I'm making mostly directional adjustments.

Charley was right, you are an excellent instructor." - Rick B

Combining Coaching and Fitting

Tony Finds Happiness!

"Hello Judy darling. Just hit a small bucket of balls. I loved the way my shots came off the club face with around 85 percent of the shots crisp and straight. So, only after two
lessons with you and new clubs that are 3 degrees "flatter" 
than the ones I had - I've shot 5 SHOTS LOWER!!

I am so happy you told me to get fit for my clubs that were too long.

Thought you would want to know." 
- Tony

Success Texts Rock!

I love to get texts from my clients, it's awesome to hear the joy and fun in their messages.

Dr. Tay's Dedication and Success

Dr. Tay was really excited when he sent me this!

"You should be proud! Your pupil shot 42 for 9 holes in wet and windy conditions. And...counted every stroke!". - Dr. Tay