2017 - 2018 Coaching Programs

Lower Scores, More Fun Through Coaching at JAGA!

Success story Nr1 - First ever PAR!

"I'm looking forward to another lesson with you. My first lesson has already begun to prove what lesson can do!  

I played Wednesday afternoon at MG and I MADE A PAR ON #4 (359 yds).  First time ever.

Can't wait to see you for my next session". - Bernice

Another success! Break 85 every time you play

"Judy continues to help me with every aspect of my game.  Taking golf lessons from her is a pleasure and she improved my game, raised my confidence and lowered my handicap. 

"Thanks for a great lesson!  My driver really needed work.  I didn’t realize how important set up and posture is."

"Judy Alvarez Golf Academy Produces Results You Want"

Long-term coaching programs at the Judy Alvarez Golf Academy are the quickest way to improvement, and JAGA creates a unique one that fits your game and desires. 

"Better golf" results in lower scores and more fun.  Enhance your game and your experience. Choose to improve!

Judy Alvarez Golf Academy programs are designed to have you hitting the ball farther and more accurately, striking your irons with consistent contact and direction, pitching and chipping better around the greens and making more putts.

Judy Alvarez Golf Academy Programs for 2017 - 2018

Regardless of skill set, woman or man, beginner or advanced player, lefty or righty, the ball simply reacts to what the clubface does to the ball at impact.

If you are struggling to hit the ball more solid, get more distance, lower your score, play with self-respect and pride or less embarrassment, consider contacting me today.   In addition to swing technique, mental game, nutrition, equipment, course management, short game, and equipment are addressed.

Cut to the chase this season. Realize your potential now!

Pay As You Go!

30 Minute Session - $50.00 - Register Here
60 Minute Session - $100 - Purchase Here
Two Hour Playing-Session - $200.00 Purchase Here

Five 30-minute sessions - $235.00 (save $15.00)
Ten 30-minute sessions - $465.00 (save $35.00)
Five 60 minute sessions - $475.00 (save $25.00)
Ten 60 minute sessions - $920.00 (save $80.00)

Ask about Sharing Time with a Friend!

Ask about Gift Certificates and Playing Lessons.
Advanced registration required for all programs.

www.judyalvarez.com or email: judyalvarezgolf@gmail.com Direct: 772-834-6711

Fall Golf Session Special

For more information, contact Coach Judy 772-834-6711
Want to refresh your game, maybe get rid of some bad habits and start hitting golf shots that feel, sound and look really awesome?
Gift certificates are great gift ideas for family, friends, co-workers, golf partners, corporate functions, special occasions, and more. Why not gift a session of "Women, Wine and Wedges" to your ... See more
Read up about the success stories we have had here at the Judy Alvarez Golf Academy.