Weekly Clinics at Palm Cove

Group Sessions - Have More Fun Learning Together!

Our Judy Alvarez Golf Academy Friday clinics are tons of fun, with no pressure, a great social atmosphere and a judgment free learning zone for you to get better and enhance your time on the course. All sessions begin at 9am at Palm Cove.

Questions? Email me or call 

We want to see all of you women, men, beginners, seniors, juniors and college students of ANY skill level.

Whether you want to brush up on fundamentals, want to continue your learning, or just starting your golf career, these weekly clinics are perfect for spending quality time on your game, with a purpose.

We begin each week with a welcome and topic overview, a conversation on theory, then each student gets to put "theory" into action! I'll be sure to dial it up or down depending on your individual skill set.

Each clinic wraps up with a Q&A and review, and all 
for just $20 per hour. Click on the date you want - space is limited. 

Cancelation Policy:

Please be mindful of others…..if you should need to cancel an appointment, please do so with in 24 hours via email. 

We will be happy to refund your money or apply it to a future program.

With in 24 hours, funds will be applied to a future program of your choice.